The Selekcija (Selection) line is obtained by careful varietal selection of olives that produce a milder oil. These are selected olives that we buy from our farmers from Slovenia, Italy and Croatia and we process them in our own oil mill in Krkavče. The most common olives in this line are: Leccino – Frantoio – Peranzana
The scent of the oil is slightly fruity, with notes of grass and almonds. Its taste is harmonious, sweetness intertwines with bitterness and spiciness.
The color of the oil is green, but it changes and acquires yellow shades. The olive oil is filtered.


Sorts:Leccino – Frantoio – Peranzana
Type: Blend
Period of picking: From mid October to mid November
Ideal for: Salads, vegetables, pizza, bread, pasta, poultry
Category: Medium fruity, very mild bitterness and light spiciness
Year: 2022
Net quantity: 100ml / 250ml / 500ml

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