This line was named after our biggest olive grove named Kortina.
We harvest olives exclusively from this olive grove and process them, in only a couple of hours from harvesting, in our own olive mill in Krkavče. It consists of different  varieties of olives, such as Buga, Maurino, Itrana, Leccino.  It is these varieties of olive trees that give us the best olive oil. This is an olive oil from early harvesting.

The oil is very fruity, with a tone of grass and a spicy touch of green almonds, but also with a slight aroma of artichokes. The taste is very pleasant and harmonious, it starts with sweetness in the mouth, followed by balanced bitterness and spiciness. Green turns into gold. The olive oil is filtered.

The Kortina line is an organic extra virgin olive oil.


Varieties: Buga – Maurino – Itrana – Leccino
Type: Organic blend/mixture
Harvest period: Beginning of October
Category: Strong fruitiness, medium bitterness and medium spiciness
Ideal for: Fish, seafood, shellfish and tender cuts of meat
Net quantity: 100ml / 250ml / 500ml
Harvest and processing year: 2022

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100ml, 250ml, 500ml

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