Informing and informing the public about the activities we carry out on the farm and for which we receive support from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2020.

Name of the activity: Assistance for the start-up of activities for young farmers for 2017

3. public tender for submeasure 6.1

Gregor Lisjak, KMG-MID 100319313 is the recipient of the funds from the mentioned measure. The share of funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development is 80%, while the share of funds from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia is 20%.

The objectives of the submeasure are:
– improving the age structure of agricultural holdings,
– improving the competitiveness of agricultural holdings.

The subject of support is the allocation of grants to young farmers for the establishment of an agricultural economy and agricultural activity.

Completed objectives:
– 1.1 Increase in the volume of production capacities in % compared to the input capacities ha PKP: On the farm, we increased the arable agricultural areas (KZU in RKG). We increased the total area of ​​olive groves by 0.39 ha. We arranged the overgrown area and planted it with olive trees.
– 6.9 Purchase of new special agricultural machinery for farming on steep terrain: mulcher, loosener, tank (for transporting water for irrigation), single-axle trailer.
– 6.5 Purchase of new or used agricultural machinery and hardware for organic farming,
– 5.1. Cooperation with research groups,
– 5.4. Introducing or updating ICT: A new computer,
– 7.5. The introduction of orchards by planting varieties of plants that tolerate cold and drought better,
– 10.4. Participation in education related to foreign languages.

Name of the activity: Organic farming (EC – measure 11)

Objectives: To encourage agricultural holdings to implement organic farming methods

Expected results: Contribution to the provision of public goods, especially to the preservation or improvement of biodiversity, preservation of drinking water sources, soil fertility, cultural agricultural landscape, environmental protection in general.

Name of the activity: Agricultural-environmental-climatic payments (KOPOP – measure 10)

Objectives: To reduce the impact of farming on the environment

Expected results: Biodiversity and landscape conservation, appropriate
water management and soil management and mitigation and adaptation of agriculture
climate change.

Name of the activity: Payments to areas with natural or other special features

restrictions (OMD – measure 13)

Objectives: Maintain the cultivation of agricultural land, maintain rural settlements
areas and provide public benefits in areas with natural or other special
restrictions (OMD).

Expected results: OMD payments will contribute to conservation and promotion
sonar systems of farming, preservation of the cultural landscape of rural areas and sustainable use of agricultural land.