Our story

GREGOR LISJAK extra virgin olive oil is a story about olive oil that began in 1992, when the Lisjak family opened their first oil mill. This was one of the first in the area of ​​Istria. Now the story has developed into the premium, exclusive brand GREGOR LISJAK extra virgin olive oil, which is produced by Gregor Lisjak with his wife Barbara, and their daughter Julija helps them.
Our estate includes around 1,500 olive trees, which we take care of throughout the year. We mainly do the work in the olive groves ourselves. Many steps are important to achieve the highest quality. Our olive groves are mainly located in the Krkavč area, and we also have one olive grove in Lucan above Portorož.

Right at the beginning of October, we start harvesting. Olives are processed to the highest standards in our own oil mill immediately, just a few hours after harvesting. Then we filter the oil and store it in our cellar in 1000-liter barrels, which are at just the right temperature and under food grade argon so that the oil is not in contact with oxygen, thus significantly prolonging its highest quality.

The investment in our farm is partly funded by the EU and RS.

A story of love for nature, to enrich every dish.