Our olive oil story starts in 1992 when the Lisjak family has opened their first olive mill. It was one of the first olive mills in Istria. Now the story has developed in a premium and boutique brand GREGOR LISJAK extra virgin olive oil produced by Gregor Lisjak and his family.
The olives are harvested in our olive groves, which are located in the vicinity of Krkavče and are processed in just a couple of hours in our own olive mill in Krkavče. Our goal is to produce the best olive oil, not only in Slovenia, but in the entire region of Istria and beyond.
We offer a variety of unique extra virgin olive oils. Our line consists of the following products: Kortina, Istrska belica, Selekcija (Selection), Lemon, Orange, Garlic, Chili, Truffle and Olive-pumpkin oil.
We also offer different olive wood products.
A story of love for nature, to enrich every dish.